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Is it Ok for Guys to Own Dildos?

To answer this question, consider the following things:

Is it safe to use a dildo where you are?

How okay are you with using it?

If ever you get caught having one, can you handle it?

  • Is your location tolerant to male dildo owners? If you’re in a place such as Alabama, USA, or India where sex toys are illegal, don’t expect that you can purchase a dildo in a corner shop. You can try buying one from a website and having it shipped to your home, but make sure you don’t get caught with it to avoid penalties (in India, you can get jailed for two years for it). Another thing that may concern you is whether you might be physically harmed if you own one. A male dildo-owner may be identified as a homosexual and this spells trouble especially in Russia. Are you in a country where dildo usage is not so dangerous? Move on to the next issue.
  • Do you have personal concerns with using a dildo? You can use a dildo either on yourself (if you’re into vibratory stimulation or anal penetration), with a male partner, or with a female partner. Take a look at each situation.
  • Concerns about using it for yourself. There are many reasons why people want to have a dildo – the most common is for sexual gratification. It’s not wrong to desire physical pleasure and to use gadgets to fulfill that want. Think about your own purpose for having it and evaluate whether it is harmful for you or not. If it makes you feel guilty, ask yourself where the guilt is coming from. Is it because you were told that sex toys are sinful? Do you have this assumption that dildos are only for those who are bad in sex? Are you having second thoughts about your sexuality because you enjoy anal penetration? Get to the root of the anxiety and ponder on it using your rational mind. Know how a dildo is used so you’ll get the hang of it.
  • Using the dildo on a male partner. Homosexual romps take a lot of varieties, and dildos may or may not be involved in them. The easiest way is to ask your mate if he wants to try it out. If not, you can still own one. His sexual preferences don’t have to set limits to your own.
  • Using the dildo on a female partner. Guys are sometimes worried that using a vibrator on their partner will cause her to become addicted to the toy. This is not true – think about it, she might have one but she still chose to have sex with you, right? Women find a lot of pleasure both in boys and toys. Dildos might even make her want you more, since she will find your sexual trysts more exciting.
  • Can you cope with getting caught with a dildo?  Friends might tease you for it; parents might demand for explanation; airport security personnel might give you quizzical looks. To deal with this, keep your dildo where other people can’t see them. On the other hand, you might also get pleasant reactions as well – so be prepared always.
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